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It's a pleasure  you're here. I'm Aida Grande, a graphic designer. I studied at ESNE, in Madrid, and after finishing my degree I'm always looking for new projects to continue growing as a creative person and as a professional.

I love branding and packaging, as well as traditional drawing. I consider myself a decisive person and I'm capable to adapt me to every  work circumstances  and who works effectively under stress.

As a hobby I do felting wool plushies, and other thing i love are languages ​​(I am currently learning Japanese), traveling discovering new cultures and the  beauty makeup stuff.


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Obento is my final year project and the personal project in which I have put more momentum. It is a board game to learn Japanese as well as Japanese cuisine. Some images are part of the real model. Obento is in the testing phase in the future to bring it to market.

Actualmente como freelance. Desarrollando proyectos personales y profesionales.

Punto Violeta Fest - 2022

Custom design. You can check instagram for more info about it.

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Creating a custom product from scratch.

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